Virus Signature database problems

Comodo antivirus was recently installed on our computer. On the “summary” page, in red letters, it says virus signature database is out-of-date. When I try to run updates, I get “Failed to update the virus signature database. Check your internet connection and try again later”. Our internet seems to be working fine and I am able to access websites and use our email. However, there have been a couple of times since Comodo was installed that my computer “froze” and I was unable to do anything but unplug it to shut it down. We have NetZero dial-up as our ISP. I have also gotten an error code of 106:Not able to connect to the internet. It always goes to 5% and then stops. I am very clueless about all of this so any simple explanation would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!

first you have to be online to get the update, right? :wink: now the update is big, it even takes me a while to get it and I’m on high speed internet. seeing as you have dial up it will take a long time for the first update. start the update and leave, come back in one hour, see where it is at. It usually jumps 5, 30, 65, done when I am updating.

I am online when I am trying to update the virus signature database, but the download stops after 5% and then does not continue. It says at that point “Failed to update the virus signature database. Check your internet connection and try again later”.

Did you get the answer to your problem?
I have just downloaded COMODO and get the same problem.
Any ideas?

try this, worked for me

try latest 3.9.95478.509 build on that virus signature update for me (it takes time though as first update is like 34mb or something as per i seen on my “view active connection” tab).
But for updating worked seemlessly without any problem. previously on 3.8 version i too got lot of trouble updating virus database. but thanks to comodo team in 3.9 this problem is gone. atleast for me. so everyone give a try to new version of cis and see if it works.

that’s the version I’ve got. I tried uninstalling and re-installing CIS but same.

Hello Nice,

Can you check 2 things for me, what’s the reported db version on Misc, About ?
What is the file size of the file c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\scanners\bases.cav

Having the same 5% issue.

CIS 3.9.95478.509
Database version 1179.
Size (in windows) 86,891 KB.

Was just updated an hour ago, but keeps trying (and failing) to update. Trying manually = 5% then tells me to check Internet connection.

Same here. Reaches 30 % and dies :frowning: And my virus database is 84,9 MB (89.071.616 bytes) on disk

the update sever is over loaded, try again later. I was getting the same thing earlier but got the update just fine now.

I’m back with the same problem again.

Sure do need a solution.

Info is:
OS = Win 7 RC
CIS version = 3.9.95478.509
antivirus database version = 1174
Bases.cav filesize = 192,354 bytes (note: not the size on disk but rather actual filesize)


Went through - updated to 1182


Am now up to 1182 and CIS says I have the latest.

What did I do?
Exited from CIS
I burrowed down to bases.cav,
right-clicked on same,
chose “Restore previous version”,
chose ctp.exe to open the file,

Now all is OK.

I suspect the problem was related to that I had not used the standard user account for a couple of weeks but rather had been using the administrator account, after finishing a task at hand, went to the standard account and tried to update.

Somehow I suspect that Comodo is not handling the case where more than one account on the same machine are using CIS.

I do not know whether I hit upon a solution or a fluke cure, but I do have a working system now.


I have also had problems changing users on Vista. Sometimes CIS will crash or report it is not working.

CIS 3.9.95778.509 would not get past 30% when updating virus definitions.

Under Miscellaneous/Diagnostics it said there were some problems with the installation and it couldn’t fix them, printed out the log…it meant nothing to me.

This FINALLY worked:

I used Revo Uninstaller 1.83 to uninstall.
I rebooted to remove remaining files.
Rebooted in ‘safe mode’ and installed CIS in ‘safe mode’.

I still get the same message in Miscellaneous/Diagnostics…but it all seems to be working including being able to get a full virus definition update.

I hope this will work with the many other folks with the same problem.

The updater needs to have the right permissions to access the file so it could be permission related yes.

For the others could you please check for updates with a packet sniffer running ?

You can use a simple one like SmartSniff from Nirsoft here:

Or a complexer one from Wireshark here:

That will give a clue about what the updater is doing on the network.