Virus Signature Database Latest

Please!! need the link (resume support)for a manual download

DialUp User :-[

The definitions are pretty large for a dial up user to download. I just compressed the latest bases.cav file with 7zip on Ultra compression and it came to 66MB.

You are better off installing the software on computer that has a good internet connection and then copying the bases.cav from that computer and pasting it in your machine.

There are no “full” database downloads available so that would result in losing all previous detections released before this DB version, yes the DB updates currently are taking over 100MB to download from a fresh install.

Like gusdi12 stated, try to find someone that has a faster link and put the bases.cav on a USB drive/stick if that is possible, the DEV’s are working on making the DB smaller but that still may take a few weeks.

Friendly thanks for its aid, but I had to wait for nothing less than six hours ??? to complete the update. I hope can fix this problem soon and that can be DL the updates in small packages.

Hi Josesntgo,

Well i guess that’s up to the developers Most Moderators are Volunteers here, spending some spare time to help others… But it’s up the top of their list.

Comodo is working hard on family signatures these days. That’s the good thing. The bad thing is that according to an article on ZD NET all av makers are having a hard time with current viruses that cannot be caught under the usual family definitions .

Umesh, Comodo Staff, commented not too long ago that it would approx two months before the introduction of family signatures will be really noticeable. They strive to make the bases.cav 25 MB.

Until that we are stuck between a rock and a hard place I am afraid. 88)