Virus-Scanner-USB stick

We could use USB Antivirus, an Antivirus that can be updated, on a usb stick that doesnt require registry entries or leave a trace to the OS.

This way it could be used remotely, to scan networks etc. Anywhere to scan a system when you are ready to do office work on someones computer, you could disinfect it before contaminating your own systems with the same drives once you are home. I know that I have had numerous infections from camera cards using and having them printed, seems like a virus factory these days.

I have used other antivirus companies that claim to work well, but they(other companies) are too bulky it needs a clean interface, load quickly and perform local and network scans automatically. You also need to add an option to install itself temporarly to a computer so that you could run the software from the hard disk instead of the usb drive accessing all the time, this would speed up the scanning time. A script to load two drive letters from a usb drive and one would contain the antivirus and the other would be the quarantine section

Then the drive could be free for adding files onto, and thus would delete the temp files from the computer once the scan completes. Freeing up the USB drive while adding files to it, the computer could continue the scan, thus allowing the safe removal of the drive while the system is scanning.

It would also be great to have an encrpyted segments that would mount, to load the quantined files into. I have developed something similiar, that would close the contaminated files once removed, that way the vault could be opened later for inspection etc.

A combination of Encryption volume mounting software and your software would be a flawless integration… Something like TrueCrypt and a small 10 meg section for quarantine, and add script mounting from a batch file, You could use scripts to load the volumes, and mount drive letters then scan the systems, quarantine the files infected, then unmount that partition once done, and delete them or review.

This would give a nice luxory that I have not seem on any company yet. I have used Clamwin but it too is bulky… The nice thing about mounting software is that once unmounted, the viruses would be chested for good, not able to perform any actions. That could be safely explored later or for analysis in a lab.
The volume encrypted would also stop other antivirus’s from annoying pop ups about the quarantined files. So it would serve as a safe place…

Feel free to contact me if you wish, I have about a zillion other ideas, at Please include something from this, as I am working on programming many other projects at this time… Thanks

Justin Christian