Virus Scan

Hi all,

This is my first problem with CIS. I have a desktop PC that for the past several days after boot I bring up CIS and it says I need to do a scan now and each time I have done a full scan. I have weekly scan turned off so I know I’m not missing any scans. The version I am running is 5.0.162636.1135 signature 6652. I am running XP Home SP3 fully updated.

I have the same configuration on my laptop and it is working perfectly.

I have run Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro and it has come back clean.

Could CIS be corrupted? and should I uninstall and reinstall?


So just to be sure. You manually start a full scan and leave it until it stops right. Sorry, just need to be methodical.

Also, has this message been there since you installed CIS V5?
What happens when you run the diagnostics?

Thanks for the reply. I found the problem after running hitman again. I had a trojan which turned off AV. Since removing it two days ago all is OK now.

Wait, you had a trojan that was able to disable Comodo Antivirus? ???

Did you have Defense+ enabled? Can you please be more specific about how you had CIS configured?

Hi this is the configuration I have running on the desktop. I did not save save the trojan and it was found by Hitman Pro.

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activx kill easy cis…
but useless to talk about any exploit it is impossible.

Can you direct me to what you’re referring to?

the website is dead, for now 3 month, but cis 5 was killed.