virus scan taking a long time?

hello i have got cis 3.9 installed and when i do a scan it takes about 2 hours,is that how long a scan should take?
thank you.

It depends on how fast your system is, how fast your HDD is, and how many files there are to scan.
Mine currently takes over an hour.
Others have reported 1/2 hour.
The actual time will always be different for each user.

ok thank you.

My virus scan takes over 15 hours to run and has to be shut down via Task Manager. To my knowledge, it has never actually finished running on its own. When I try to shut it down by clicking its “cancel” button, Virus Scan suffers a fatal error and crashes.

I am running XP Pro and have three hard drives.

Any suggestions?

Try this tip: .

Try this also try to pin point where cmdagent crashes see this post for more information and tools on how to:
Full scan hangs on uninfected files

Hi geordie,

Why don’t you update to version 3.10. It is a lot faster. I have 70000 files on my computer and total time is about 20 minutes. Also you might have a virus which makes it very slow. Try using malwarebytes and scan once. It shouldn’t take 2 hours if you have 3.10 with the latest updates