Virus scan stalls

Hi, Installed CIS on a windows 7, HP laptop. CIS says it installed properly but on initial run of virus check it stalls out and never completes. Then it still shows on summary page you haven’t completed a complete scan do it now. Then it stops again at random. Don’t believe there’s a problem Malwarebytes sees no problems. Thanks

Do you have Malwarebytes as an on access scanner or on demand only. If it runs on access please see what happens when you disable it.

When a scan never finished it means that the cmdagent.exe engine crashed. You can start it again from the Services Manager.

Since it crashes please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

Also follow How to determine which file is causing a manual scan to hang to determine what file was causing the scanner to be hung. Please add this information to your bug report.

Malewarebyes is on demand only, and I installed it after CIS stopped scanning. How do you restart in services? Would an uninstall and reinstall help? Trying to get working today for a daughter visiting. Thanks

First open the Services Manager. Go to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services.

Then look up the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service, right click and choose Properties. In the General tab you can start the service again by pushing start. See attached image.

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