Virus Scan keeps beeing stopped

Hello there!
I am having an issue with my Comodo Virus Scan since few days: he aborts the Virus Scan. He keeps hanging over the same file (according to Scan window) and a system warning is beeing released. If I try to close the program, it comes the information that there are no enough resources for that, so I have to reboot the system.

Can someone help me?


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First thing to try is to let Windows run Checkdisk. Then try scanning that file again. When the scanner crashes again add it to the exclusions. Hopefully it is only a limited amount of files you need to exclude.

Another option to try is to changed the settings of Comodo Internet Security Helper service to always recover when it crashes. That can be done under Services (Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services). Look up the service, select it, click right and choose Properties . Choose the Recovery tab and set it to restart the service in all three scenarious after 0 hours and 0 minutes.

So, I tried with Checkdisk - I have two HDDs (first one ist system partition + data, second one is only data), and I tried also changing those settings in Services, but both ways changed anything.
On German Forum I got an advice, concerning that my COMODO is 5.-Version to upgrade to latest one…
I have XP SP3

You should upgrade to CIS 6. Maybe the problem you are experiencing is fixed in that version.

Is there anything I should know about the installation process (concerning the old version)?

I always thought that COMODO will automatically inform me about such upgrades. ???

There is an upgrade installer available for those who want to upgrade from v5.x. It can be found in the topic start of COMODO Internet Security 6.3.302093.2976 Released!. Your v5 profile will be saved and made available under Configurations. If you want to use you will have to activate it.

It’s not clear why Comodo has not put v6.3 on the automatic updater.

But I can, theoretically speaking, also download the “normal” 6.x-version, deinstall the 5.x one and make a fully new installation?

You can completely deinstall v5.x and then do a clean install of v6. That’s what I did. For big steps like this I prefer a clean installation.

Is it recommended to both deinstall v5 and install v6 in Safe Mode?

No. That is not going to work. The installers are using Windows Installer and that is not working in Safe Mode.

You can uninstall v5 and then boot to Safe Mode and use this clean up tool if you want to go the extra mile. Then you can install v6 in regular Windows mode.

That link you’ve posted dooesn’t work.

Probably link to it.

What does this mean (content of this link)? What is the connection to what I said to Eric?

Link ( this clean up tool) doesn’t work. ( At me this link doesn’t open.)

That link you've posted dooesn't work.
Probably. I told you [u]probably.[/u] If link ( this clean up tool ) works that to you showed. Then my link can be ignored.
You can uninstall v5 and then boot to Safe Mode and use [u]this clean up tool[/u] if you want to go the extra mile. Then you can install v6 in regular Windows mode.
If it is not this link that I think. My link can be ignored. Wait the answer from EricJH.

That’s what I’ve posted to Eric:

That link you’ve posted dooesn’t work. :wink:

and I’ve meant the link also, not the software.

The link from Comodo is no longer working. I have attached the file to this post for you.

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@Eric, I ran the batch file and there is a list with some points to choose. Which should I choose?

1 and 2 are what you need.

So, I tried everything, but it doesn’t work.

Always getting this error:

The exception “Unexpected software exception” (0xc0000417) has occured at 0x088c5a1f

:‘( :’( :‘( :’( :cry:

What happens when you only run option 2 when you are in Safe Mode?