Virus scan hangs


Comodo 0365DB42CDEC4fc192B8AA9450A11661 free version (shows virus sig database 1120, version 3.8.65951.477.

XP Pro SP3 2 gb ram, etc.

Running virus scan, after 3 hours had not finished, seemed to hang on a file. When I tried to close down received the following error message:-

Stop Failure. Error code 0x800705aa. Insufficient system resources.

CPU usage was 2%, PIF usage 13%.

The application was not listed as running in Task Manager.

Unfortunately could not note down file name, as it was severely truncated on the screen.

First post here, tried a search on the error code, found nothing, but may have missed?

T.I.A for any help!

previously when this error code showed up it was due to an upgrade performed instead of a clean install.
Have you tried to clean your registries recently?
I am thinking there is a conflict.

This was a clean install, new user. I do use a registry cleaner - “RegCure”. I am trying a further scan now to see what happens after a reboot.

Last scan seemed to work ok. Strange stuff!

Anyway, let’s see if it happens again, thanks for the help.