Virus scan freezes.

Vista Ultimate x64, SP1, all updates applied
CIS (the most recent x64 beta) is the only security software active.
No other application running at this time.

Reproducible, 3 times, same file, same result.
Attached is a pic of the file the scanner freezes on.
Note, I have ‘Show Hidden Files and Folders’ active, but I cannot locate this file (there is no /windows/temp folder in this location - no /windows/ anything starting with ‘T’). Even if I choose to Exclude this file from scanning, the scanner will still scan, just ignore. Please note it is the scanning that is causing this.

Here is what happens when this file is scanned:
The screen flickers, soon a window from Interactive Services pops open. Something that cannot display a message has a message to display, select either ‘Show me later’, or ‘Show Message’. I select ‘Show Message’.
My screen changes to black, then slowly redraws to a light blue color, with two windows (only) showing, the upper one says the program, C+ Runtime Library’ is no longer active. Two choices, one of which is to return to the desktop now.

The lower one says:

Runtime Error!
Program C:…
This application has requested to be terminated in an unusual way.
Please contact the Application Developer.

Below this there is a button ‘OK’
Click it and the screen does nothing (the cursor is the spinning ring). Click ‘Return to Desktop Now’ brings me back to my desktop (another slow screen draw).
I cannot stop or cancel the scan. Not even Task Manager has any success with this.
My system has become a snail at doing anything. The Interactive Services window wants to display again (same message).
My only resolve at this time is to reboot/restart the computer.
Microsoft is the application developer, but since I can’t prevent this file from being scanned, I can no longer do a complete system scan.

This would be a bug/issue with both Comodo and MS in this case.

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