Virus sample

Hello, I have a zip file with 240 sample virus that the antivirus integrated CIS does not detect. On the virustotal other antivirus instead of them properly. Where or who can send the file to allow researchers to insert the sample signatures in the next few updates?

I PMed you with my details.
thank you very very much… We really appreciate it and thank you on behalf of Comodo and our users!


I replay to your PM. :wink:

Thank you erreale :slight_smile:

So many hands all working on the same sand castle (:HUG)

Not a sand castle, but a true fortress (B)

This is excellent!

I encourage any serious people to join our Malware Research Group, Where you can find live samples and post them too. You are indeed part of the Research team in COMODO. (:KWL)


I have already sent a Melih another zip file with about 13.000 unknown virus to the integrated antivirus CIS. I hope that the updates are released as soon as possible.

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Sends samples to Melih directly is better than to AV Lab e-mail (