Virus removel training?

Hello guys, does anyone know where i can get good virus removel training or can anyone on here help please.

Well, for virus removal, it’s good to carry around a rescue disc, e.g UBCD4Win, SARDU, etc.
What do you need this for? Or do you just want the know what to do if the situation comes up?

Thanks for the reply!

Well i just want to start a small service for virus removel but i need to learn it frist so can you give me good programs and tips?

You would need to learn how to look for suspicious processes in hijackthis and killswitch. This is seriously not for beginners, so you really nead to practice on infected virtual machines before actually trying this on a production machine.

Here is a good cleaning procedure. You can find mentioned programs above text.

Where do i find these machines?

Look at this topic.

If you don’t have a spare windows activation key for the VM (not many people do), then you can have a look at ReactOS. It’s a free and very accurate windows copy that would be useful for testing with.

Geek University from Geeks to Go:



Study CompTIA Security+, MCDST, MCSE materials…

Get a VM (Virtual Box/VMWare/VirtualPC/etc)
Install WinXP Pro/Win7 Pro/Ult/Business/2000 ( / = or)
Start familiarizing your self with the registry and the folder/file tree…
Start messing around the with the registry
(Learn how to enable/disable task manager, disable execution of .exe / .msi files etc (Virus’s love to use these methods) learn ACL Registry entries and GUI Tool and command line (lcacls and cacls)…* after you are aware of how the registry tree is and the file/folder tree is, Then I would move on to using tools (MBAM/CAVS/KillSwitch/etc)

a lot of today’s “Techies” only know how to use tools MBAM / CAVS etc…
but if you familiarize your self what is built in (a lot of people don’t realize how many things you can possibly do with command prompt :smiley: or regedit)… then move on to using Tools… Then you’ll be that much much better…

It’s good to mess around (I would use a VM to do so)

So much more… learn how to disable the wallpaper/remove start up programs/drivers etc

Install a virus, and see if you can remove that virus without using a third party tool. see if you can remove it just using the three tools (Regedit/CMD/Explorer) … :slight_smile: Just keep doing that…