Virus not detected by Comodo, luhe.sirefef.a

I was having a lot of trouble I think that came in an email from a trusted friend. After much looking around & the use of several different tools I found “luhe.sirefef.a” was on my machine. After a lengthy number of processes I was able to get rid of it to return to SOME form normality. It tampered with various parts of the O/S (Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit) not the least of which was BITS & WindowsUpdate. I have managed to restore BITS by transfering a clean registery entry from a clean machine running the same O/S. I have not been able to restore WindowsUpdate the same way (in services it states that WindowsUpdate is continually starting, but it never starts). This leaves me with no way to do Windows Updates. I am also having continual Visual C++ runtime library crashes although I have reinstalled it a couple of times from the MS site, I’m not sure this is related to the above virus.

My queries,

  1. Can anyone offer a way to restore Windows Update functionality so I can resume regular updates?

  2. Any clues and/or answers on the Visual C++ crashes?

  3. …and last but not least, is Comodo aware of this rather nasty virus & if so why was it not detected & eliminated?

I look forward to help please, many thanks in advance, Stewart.

No antivirus can detect all malware. CIS should be able to stop almost all unknown malware as well. Was it installed before or after the infection happened?

As per your infection, please follow the methods I suggest in this article and let us know if it shows evidence that there is still an infection.

Once you’ve ensured that the infection is fully removed please follow the advice I give in my article about How to Fix a Malware Infected Computer in order to fix any problems which were made by the infection.

Please let us know if you have any questions.