Virus not detected after execution, but find in original exe.


I found an aimbot for Halo PC.

(For those having problems getting past gaming ethics I only downloaded it to ■■■■■ with people that used the aimbot program against me.)

Once downloaded I executed it once the file disappeared, never to be seen again…

As you try to execute Halo.exe it tries to access your monitor, keyboard and other devices directly, if you decline it freezes you computer and forces it to reboot.

Comodo was able to find the virus in .exe form in the rar file I uploaded; but Comodo still does not have the ability to find this bug after it’s been executed.

I’ve also uninstalled Halo, checked for all bad processes, services, and users. Scanned my computer with MalwareBytes, Comodo, WindowsDefender, cCleaner. Checked startup services and programs, no problems visually detected. All programs reported my computer to be clean.

I reinstalled Halo and the bug is back with a vengeance taking over my computer. Restore points can not be used I receive restore point failures.

MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
AMD Sempron Processor LE-1300, 2GB RAM, nVidia Geforce GT 240

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Upload it to Virustotal, CIMA, and Anubis and include a link to the results.

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Having said that since I did download it here are the results. ;D




I should also note that CIS detected it for me both inside and outside the .rar. As soon as I opened it Comodo quarantined it. I had to disable the AV just to upload it. I’m not sure what happened on your computer, but mine recognized it just fine.

On another note, if your computer’s still acting strange check this out:
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