virus names

CIS uses a strange naming convention for virus names. Some kind of “#$@%^&*(” thing. Could you please change these names into more meaningful well known names as other vedors do?

I don’t think this is a priority for comodo. It would be nice but I don’t think it is that important.

As long as comodo is stopping it,i couldnt really care less what it is called.If its malicious its not welcome.

when CIS finds a virus I’m unable to search for it in the online virus dbs because of this naming convention. I want to look it up and see what it can do to my system so please do not say it’s not important, it’s to me ???

An automated analysis system cannot generate really specific signature name. Heur.Suspicious or UnclassifiedMalware most of the time. Sorry we have to deal with it.

+1. You can upload the file to the virustotal and you will get the name from others :slight_smile:

as requested by comodo support
re-posting this assuje

I apologize, but there must be some misunderstanding. The bug reporting section of the forum is where reports are made for unintended problems which CIS displays. The cryptic naming of malware is actually intentional, as it is a byproduct of the automated analysis system Comodo currently uses.

Thus, although I would also like to see more representative names for detected malware, it is not technically a bug.

Thus, I will take your post, and my explanation, and merge them with your existing wish.

Thank you.