Virus/Malware in COMODO folder?

i got this when i scan with Ad-Aware (Attached image). i am not saying i think COMODO introduced a malware. but asking if its a cause for concern, cos if a virus had corrupted COMODO then i shld reinstall it or something

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Its called a false positive. Ad Aware is picking up on the Comodo Ask tool bar. Ad Aware is also old and out dated, better off using SuperantiSpyware and Malware Bytes anti Malware.

lol Ad-Aware… i am starting to doubt it works too… so Super & MalwareBytes OK. i’ll try that.

other ppl what do u think of this 2 softwares?

No need to ask others. we all use both around here.

I personally like SuperAntiSpyware and A-squared even though it has alot of false positives. If the False Positives get annoying then just turn off it’s heuristics on the scan :stuck_out_tongue: SAS and A-squared are the only two I use along with the built in anti-spyware in Avast.

GOTD is giving A2 (year license) away for the next hour or so. It’s been up 2 days. I downloaded and it looks like a pretty good program but I prefer the simpler but still effective SuperAntiSpywarePro, so I disabled A2 until I have more time thoroughly check it out.

Well, if you just want a few on demand scanners like SuperAntiSpyware free and MBAM then A-squared free is perfect. but for a real time anti-spyware I honestly think the AntiVirus should play a big role in that.

thanks! very useful, and theres WinPatrol too, i shld use that too?

i noticed something from Vettetech’s link

Only Use 1 Defragger

not related to this question but y use only 1 defragger, not that i use 2?

I noticed that too and it is a little confusing. It must mean don’t run two at the same time.

Each defragger will rearrange the files differently. But basically get the same job done. There is no reason to use 2 cause they both do the same job. Chose which one you like best. I use Auslogics. Faster and nicer GUI.