Virus, is it???

might be that I’m having a problem although I don’t really think so. If not, sorry for the time you’ll probably spend.
A brief description:
I used my ASUS recovery-cds to reinstall Windows Xp Home SP2 and then used Partition Manager 6 to convert to NTFS. All was well; rebooted a few times. Then I installed the drivers from my drivers disk. All was well; rebooted a few times. I then installed all of my progs (CPF, BOClean and AntiVir before I installed the wireless driver). I connected to the internet, Windows updates were automatically downloaded and installed. All was well. I rebooted and did an update fom IE6 to IE7, rebooted and… nothing was well. Before my notebook even booted I got a funny screen with 5 or 6 strange signs (a sigma, an rectangular smiley in orange, … - can’t remember exactly). WHAT WAS THAT??? So I used my recovery-cds again - not that I had anything better to do :wink: - and did exactly the same as described above; only I didn’t convert to NTFS. Now everything is working fine.
Any suggestions?
I already scanned my computer with various scanners and made a HijackThis file, which was clean.
Can this be related to Partition Manager??? Did something go wrong when converting??? Why didn’t I get the problems straight away???
Thanks in advance for all your help and ideas.
a very baffled grampac :o.

Well that sure does sound weird.

A better description of what the screen looked like would be great, something we can Google for to see if you are not the only one that has had this situation.

Could you please run a scan at :

The scanner will not remove anything, but could you save a report and post it here when the scan is finished.

Hey Rotty,
thanks for the quick reply. I agree it’s weird. Unfortunately I cannot give you a better description of what the screen looked like. It were 5 or 6 items of about this size (:SAD) in funny colours (I think: yellow, orange, green?). I remember a rectangular smileyish thingy and a sigma. Sorry I can’t say more. I’ll attach the Kaspersky report and a HJT logfile (a second opinion is always welcome) so as not to make this post too long.
Thanks for your help.

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The only thing I can think of is that it’s some sort of graphics test which it did not do before because it was running on FAT…

Have you updated your drivers for the graphics card or monitor recently??

EDIT: Added “recently” because i am NOT suggesting to update at this point. It may be that the test is a function they added in the newer version.

the only thing I did was reinstall XP. Windows was autoupdated. That’s it. Maybe I should’ve waited to see what would happen before reinstalling again. But I was a little “scared” because I couldn’t even enter safe mode. Everything seemed to have stalled. I’ve used PM before to convert to NTFS without any problems. I defragmented before using it. May that’s related to the prob?
Beats me!
Any further ideas are more than welcome.