virus in my system

sir i have a virus in my system. i have comodo antivirus which is working properly. but when i try to open any application “zvppfwuwmcsr.exe” a virus type. so give me suggestions to clean this virus. please reply to

try making sense

I assume you’re infected with a vundo ? Please follow this steps

  1. Back-up all your files and folders using a back-up program, for example Comodo Back-up

  2. Download following programs and install them

  1. Check for definition Updates (Important!).

  1. Allow each program to scan. Scan one at a time.

  1. Let the programs clean the infections.

  1. Reboot into normal mode and see if you find any remains of the virus

  2. Download and install Hijackthis. Afterwards, do a system scan and safe a log file. A text file will open in notepad, safe this one and later upload it together with your post.