Virus in CIS update?

Just was updated by Comodo. Don’t know what it was, because the site still lists February 26 as the latest version. Avg informs me that there were two viruses here, and automatically removed them. What happened?

It was a long update, and the Comodo website is still sayiing Feb. 26?

Now i don’t know, maybe my netbook is infected in some other way that corrupted the download, or if this is something AVG needs to adjust to. Could it be the download contained viruses? That’s pretty harsh, and seems very unlikely.
Would just uninstall the whole firewall, and then reinstall it, but can’t reason what good that would do if the version is still from Feb. 26.

So for now have to assume firewall is not working. Two pieces have been pulled out of it.

Guess would be to reinstall, and see what happens.


Assuming you have CIS version 3.8 installed.

Version 3.9 is released today.
A fresh clean install is preferred, there are many improvements and getting it through update is problematic.
At the moment.

You can download it here and uninstall 3.8 reboot install 3.9 and get good to go.


What are the problems of getting the update through the automatic update at the moment? (Haven’t updated yet…)

Seriously, if the automatic updates are problematic, Comodo needs to either figure out how to make it work or remove this “feature”… Probably 95% of their user base is going to upgrade through automatic update.

Because of all the changes going from 3.8 to 3.9 a clean install is highly recommended, if not mandatory.

The people who auto update the betas are finding the AV update path is not correcting itself from the beta update path to the normal update path. See the release thread.


Yes, I read that. So the only thing being “problematic” with the auto update is the miscoded URL? I was expecting more ‘issues’ from your post.

If its simply the URL that is going to be fixed tomorrow, I feel better about that. I had been recently recommending CIS to family members that are less than computer literate and I was starting to regret that move because I would look stupid if Comodo couldn’t manage to update their own product without issues. Regardless of how many new features are added, auto update should be able to deal with it…

A missed URL is not the end of the world though. :slight_smile:

Correct-o-mundo :wink:

Are you using AVG and CIS with av active both in real time?

AVG has been having a lot of False Positives with CIS component files lately.

If it automatically removed the files, this is the reason you should never set an AV to automatically quarantine or delete files. If it’s a false positive, you’ll just have to get the file back. It’s always a good idea to have your AV ask you what you want to do with any detections.


Bad Frogger thanks for the link.
downloaded and installed 3.9 no problem, updates work fine, and Threatcast still shows nothing, but i guess that’s ok, maybe nobody is getting that at this time.
Took out AVGfree anti-virus, because learned before, and see it begin again this time, that AVG will take weeks to adjust to a Comodo update, so really the two are not compatible together.


Vettetech, No i was not using them together. Had uninstalled the Comodo Av because did not feel comfortable with it. Now using Avira free, together with 3.9, and there are no problems