tested CAV

just found a test on AVs.

the test it self is not very good for comodo but it shows that Comodo is starting to be tested

the link is:

don’t know if these results are any good (scientificaly speaking) but since many asked for statistics here it is…
anyway I still can’t test it because of the installshield error
CAV is in BETA so these results are nothing conclusive yet, and take notice the version

I know for sure that the final version will kick-a… I’m really looking forward for a release and the Comodo team has my absolute confidence

if I understand correctly Melih said that the current development is on prevention. so this tests will mean nothing. if a virus cannot run then it won’t damage the system…

best wishes.

(V) (R)


Yes I saw that test a while ago, however that is the original Beta 1, we are now on Beta 1.1 and will be moving onto Beta 2 shortly. So you will see how much better Comodo is getting come Beta 2 :wink: