In august test, Comodo´s results:

  1. Comodo version - 41.02%

ouch :-X

Well they did use the 1.0 final instead of the 1.1 beta…also considering that they tested with the worst cast senario that 99.999999999999999999% of people will never witness


Next time it will be beter.I hope. (L)COMODO is the new star on the sky full of big antivirus company that have many years of …

We continue to make “prevention” a key going forward rather than detection.
Once we have built the full “prevention” techniques (by incorproating HIPS into CAVS) then whether CAVS detect it or not will be secondary as CAVS will prevent it anyway (known or unknown viruses). My mission is to protect you! So I am going to do what I know is the best of way of protecting our users, which I believe is the innovation we came up with: HIPS built into CAVS!


That should be the goal of our products!


PS: but you will see that number increase drastically anyway for people who care about stats :slight_smile:

Go!!!Does COMODO comunicate with others antivirus companys?

not directly.


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sorry…couldn’t resist :3