Virus encyclopedia

  • I would love to see some kind of dictionary or encyclopedia of cavs, where found infections can be looked up in.

  • I would also would like to know the covered malware database (how much exactly does cavs recognize?)

  • Also I would love to see some kind of threat center, where users can see what are the biggest threats today and stuff…


An online would be nice. But let’s first focus on the malware itself, then afterwards give more information :slight_smile:


Lord Vader,

I agree with your idea, and I think that an online virus encyclopedia (i.e. not included in the program, but on comodo’s website) would indeed be nice (:m*)

It will benifit more …online virus encyclopedia is good concept in my view (L)

Yeh… It would be good. Only if it doesn’t take too much extra time for the guys and gals to make!

It will be very helpful and good info for end users, As the AV Grows and become one of the best, if not the best AV in the months to come… Then this is a possibility. Nice Wish! :slight_smile:


I also agree with that and vote in favour of that. I had already registered this wishlist in the past and I stick with it.

Thanks for the support! indeed there should be an online version too… that is what other antimalware vendors also have, but a built-in one is what would CIS distinguish from other vendors… Ofcourse, this feature must not have any negative impact on CIS or on the user system… in that case, an online version is sufficient I guess… (if you have an internet connection…) (:WIN)