virus detected - then what?

A COMODO window popped up warning me that a virus malware had been found in the restore dirctory. I was looking at the file information but before I could click delete or quarantine the window closed. Now I have no way to delete or quarantine the virus. Under COMODO summery tab I can see it - ‘1’ threat detected so far. but it only gives the information, it won’t let me erase or quarantine the file.

When i didn’t respond in time (as if I was away from the computer) does Comodo automaticaly delete the file? the Quarantine directory is empty.

What happened to the virus? How can I delete it?
Thanks !


Why don’t you just run a full system scan… if it is in the critical areas (e.g WINDOWS folder) then run a critical scan. I would do a full scan and im sure at the end it would show you the virus then just click remove