Virus deletes default browser

There is a virus that deletes the default browser. This bypasses CIS. Everything is fine when last used with no anomalies - then when next used the browser ‘cannot be found’ and it seems to be more than just deleting a default setting. This is difficult and time consuming to repair, but the main concern is that it comes into the system undetected by CIS and executes without being detected by CIS AND IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE AS WELL AS ON DIFFERENT COMPUTERS.

This seems to be a fault with CIS - has it been reported before, and what is the best way to deal with the issue??

Comodo would love to get its hand on that virus. Do you have it quarantined somewhere?

Since the virus sample has not been provided i can not continue processing this bug. Feel free to send the virus to me and we can continue processing this bug report.