Virus DB size has not reduced significantly in version 5.3 [Resolved]

Hi everybody,
I have just uninstalled CIS 5.1 and made a new installation CIS premium 5.3.
I have read that the virus datavase size should reduce from 130 megs to about 80 megs.
After the installation is finished I have seen in the Comodo directory that the size is about 130 megs.

What is going wrong???

Thank you for answering me.

Yours Karniaris

Karniaris this will answer your question see link;msg473303#msg473303

Hi SpeedyPC,

thank you very much for helping me (everybody) so quickly.
I have read the link and it solved my question.

The data base size is about 80 megs only while downloading.

All the best


Closing topic as it has been resolved.