Virus Databases

I have 3 computers using the CIS. Updating virus bases takes a long time and traffic. Is there the way to download a bases to one computer on harddisk and update other from local net?

Unfortunatly as this current time, No. What you can do is go to the comodo folder - C:\Program Files\Comodo\Scanners\ Now copy and paste the databases onto the other pc’s.

And no other manipulation needed? If its true I can write simple program that make possible automatic update for CIS.

Wow, seriously! :o

That seems a little insecure…

I don’t follow you, how do you mean?

Sorry if it’s blatantly obvious, it’s getting late here in England and I’m tired :slight_smile:

If you can just copy/paste the virus DB into your CIS installation, what’s to stop malware from attempting to deploy their own modified database? Sure, D+ should catch it, but nothing is 100% safe.

explorer.exe is a safe application, Malware.exe is not. :wink:

Explorer.exe can be manipulated…

It is included with the protected files (*.exe). If a piece of malware attempts to change Explorer.exe, D+ will catch it and notify the user.