virus database updates

what is happening with comodo servers ??

too much connections ?

it takes toooo long to update my antivirus… several minutes


The download process is fast. The updating itself takes a longer time. Sometimes even 10 min

Hi David

Commodus is correct… despite CIS seeming to show your download at 50% (or whatever), it almost certainly has completed the actual download & is processing it (you can go off-line & it doesn’t bother CIS in the least). I’ve noted that the occasional definition update takes a lot longer to process than others (not sure why, not asked).

You should also be aware that there actually lots & lots (don’t know exactly how many) of Comodo servers. Comodo identifies where you are & redirects you to your nearest server (geographically). Usually, each location also has multiple mirrors.

An huge CIS update is almost out in beta and when it goes final, the new update format will most likely fix this problem (not really problems, more like a performance issue.) :slight_smile:

thanks for the responses