Virus Database Update


I just installed CIS and when I try to update virus database, it stops/fails at 30%… Also, immediately after it began to run for the first time, it detected registry key changes and asked to block/allow, I checked block assuming it was already working/detecting viruses - did I foil some aspect of initial set up?


The virus database is huge. Around 106MB, so it could take quite a while to download depending on your connection. The meter doesn’t accurately represent the actual update progress. It will stay at 30% for most of the huge download. So just let it continue downloading even though it seems stuck at 30%.

The messages you are seeing about registry changes are actually from Defense+, not the anti-virus. Defense+ is a Host Intrusion Protection System. It does indeed start functioning from installation because it doesn’t depend on virus definition to function.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Does it matter then that I selected ‘block’ for those initial messages? Should I reinstall?