Virus Database Update


I have recently installed CIS 3.12.111745.560 on Vista Home Premium 64 and have performed numerous updates of several megabytes each and it still is reporting that the virus databasr is still out of date. Please could I have some assistance on this issue? many thanks in advance

What is the DB Version shown by CIS?

Open CIS-Miscellaneous-About

Is it 2604 or less than that? If yes, you need to update. (If no, please report back, so that the great volunteers on this forum can help you further).

The first update of CIS AV is very huge (around 100 mb) and it takes a lot of time to update it even in broadband. So your CIS may not have been updated as yet. (I feel that if you shut down the computer before completing the first update, I think, the DB updates may not have been installed by CIS and that could be the reason that CIS AV is continuously reporting that it is out of date).

During update the virus update status will stay at 30% for a long time without showing any sign of progressing. Don’t worry, it will still be updating. Give CIS sometime to update to the current database and thereafter you will not observe any problems and your security worries will be taken care of by CIS.

Hi database version is showing up as version number 1. So I guess I’ll have to keep updating for some time yet to come.

Many thanks for your help

Version 1 is the initial database. You can either just leave it alone and see if it automatically updates itself, or you can follow the steps in this thread to get a more current database and hope it can update itself from there.

Workaround for the 99% CPU Problem with the latest Virus DB Updates

Performed yet another large update over night, and checked it this morning and rebooted PC performed one final update and virus database is finally showing as all up to date… Thanks for your advice, as I was beginning to wonder if my CIS was actually being updated.

Happy 2 know that

Hi there, please move this topic if you consider its in wrong place/category.
The question is, concerning to the Updates, to be a lil more specific, the update intervals. I’ve noticed that my Virus Database is frecuently outdated by 2 or even more days always, so when i perform a manual update mostly it freezes up at 30% loading and remains there (99% usage net connection) for never ending time, also i’ve noticed that theres no option to turn off the update while its on its way. So I wondering, its that the way the program updates is?

Thanks in advance.

Clean install CIS contains Database 1

CIS Shows “Never updated”

Your first download will download the latest full database about 100MB (can take a long time on slow links) the progress indicator will “freeze” at 30% but it’s still downloading, check the FAQ here

After that it asks you to reboot

CIS Still shows “Never updated”

Now push “check for updates” and it will download the last few incremental updates.

If the full update somehow fails then check this FAQ here

Thanks for the reply Ronny. I already knows that the 1st update will take a bit longer if theres no other one updated into the installer program, its very comprehensive to take some time to download the whole packet at once.

But the weird thing is that im not running on a fresh install, I mean, using Comodo since a few months and 1st database update was installed succesfully, but from time to time i’ve to deal with an uncomplete or too long update. Anyway, im pretty satisfied with its performance hence a few false positives out there :wink:

Off topic: Is there a chance to get spanish lang option in the freeware version? Should be a great chance to catch some customers from this part of the world.