Virus database update time not always true.

At wilders’ I found such a post so I just quote it as I fully agree with it:

"[b]I noticed when you manally update CIS the Time and Date will change and state that the Database has been updated on the exact same time you checked even if there is no database update.

isnt that alittle misleading and when CIS checks even if there isnt a update it will still show the time it checked.[/b]"

I think in the “Antivirus” state on the"Summary" page in such cases it must be written not “The virus database has been updated on …” but “The last successful check was on…” or give the info for both - successful check and database times.

Yeah, I suppose the wording should probably be changed. However, to me this is a very minor issue.

ah nice to see my post quoted. As i am Brocke at Wilders :slight_smile:

yeah the wording needs changed. well see in version 6