Virus database update halts at 30%

Hi there,

I am using comodo for more than a year now, and it has been OK, with automatic updates every time when I start the PC.
About a month ago the update cycle halted at 30%, and my internet became very slow. Switched all running applications off, just comodo, but still doesn’t get past 30%. Even if I let it go for hours, still 30%. Had to switch the automatic update off, and from then (11 oct) have not updated! Makes me feel unsafe.

How do I get my virus database updated again?


FollowDatabase updates “freeze” at 30%, what is going on?. Do you see the download stall or steadily downloading?

I also have the same problem.
After making a new install of CIS, and then I get a new scan my computer, CIS automatically update the virus database. But progress bar stops at 30%. I stop scan. After hours, I do this again. It’s still freeze at 30%.
Please tell me what happens.

Make sure WIndows Firewall is disabled. The installer won’t do that. I just saw a report of a user where Windows Firewall was in the way. Also disable all other security applications that are running in the background.

To see if the database is being downloaded open Firewall → Common Tasks → View Active Connections → now keep an eye on cmdagent.exe to see if it downloads. On a slow connection this can take long (the initial database is 104 MB in size).

I am geting the same thing ever since Oct 25. Every time the virus data base is attempted to be updated, it ends with update failed, check internet connection, but I am still connected to the internet. This last time I monitored it up to 105+MB for over 5 hours before it failed, Yes I am on a slow dial-up line. I don’t have Windows Firewall, I have Comodo Firewall. Why is this update so much bigger than the others? Up to Oct 25 the updates ran fine. Isn’t there any other way to get the Virus database updates, such as going to another computer that has high-speed access, loading the updates to an external device, CD or flash drive, and then installing them on the computer that has Comodo on it? If not, there should be. Will I ever be able to update Comodo again or do I have to go to another Antivirus program to get protected?

Well, I too am cursed by the same 30% syndrome… I tried everything that has been suggested in these forums… I particularly followed Eric’s advice to the last dot… NOTHING… nothing seems to help the virus database progress beyond that cursed percentage…

I have watched the CDMAGENT downloading the Virus Database in the active connections as suggested… when the download reaches 70 MB or there about, the much feared and abhorred message “Failed to update…” is displayed…

I have come to believe that there is something wrong with COMODO 3.12 version… until I updated from 3.9 things were fine…

I think I should switch back to my previous version if this curse is not lifted soon… my internet speed in general and download speed in particular is being badly affected… I am loosing my cool… every few minutes CIS tries to update the V database… and brings down the internet speed to its minimum…

Like x2bobm, I would like to know if there is any other way of downloading the virus database.

Please sort this out…

You can download the latest DB here.

I have downloaded DB using the above link… what do I do next with the .cav file… should I run it (which is not working) or should I cut/copy - paste in the Comodo folder in c: program files…

Please guide…

It’s not quite as simple as overwriting the bases.cav file in “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners” because the file is locked by Comodo.
What I’ve found you can do is to rename the existing bases.cav file eg. to bases.bak then copy the downloaded bases.cav file into the same folder.
Reboot the PC and it will start using the new bses.cav file. You can then delete the bases.bak file.

Hope this helps.

Created a FAQ that will contain the latest AV database link