Virus Database update failures

Hi everyone,

My Comodo Internet Security system updated itself to version 3.14.130099.587 on 15-Feb-10 and since then ALL attempts to update the Virus Signature Database have failed. The Database is version 3909 from 15-Feb. I get message “Failed to update the virus signature database. Please check your Internet connection and try again.” whenever an automatic or manual update is attempted.

All other connections to the Internet are working OK.

Anyone got any ideas? How can I revert back to the version of CIS that I had before the update?

Hope someone can help.



You are probably the victim of a corrupted AV database update.

There are two solutions to solve this:

Both of them will get the latest full AV database. After the reboot you will have to get the latest incremental updates; usually that is only several hundreds of kBytes.

Did this do the job for you?

A week ago I installed the 32 bit version on a new Win 7 based desktop PC and yesterday I put the 64 bit version on another new Win 7 based laptop. In both cases the AV updated to 30% and froze. Neither will run now because when asking the AV to scan it says it is busy updating.

In both cases I had completely uninstalled the security software the machines came with prior to installing CIS.

Surely we can’t be the only people that have experienced this?

Right, I have uninstalled and reinstalled it twice but still it gets to 30% and freezes. I tried the unofficial Comodo Database Updater and that said it is not compatible with my installation. This particular laptop has Win 7 Family (French) installed. Other than the Dell and Cyberlink apps it came with there is nothing else installed because I uninstalled the McAffee suite they supplied.

What version of CIS are you using?


32 bit on the desktop
64 bit on the laptop

So some registry entries are missing, you can refer to CDU_error.log to know what is missing.

I opened the CDU_error.log but it was completely blank.
Are you sure your utility works with Windows 7 ?

I try it again and yes, it works with seven.

It’s strange that the log file is blank.
What version are you using ? Latest version is 1.0

and what alerte you have when you run it ?

I have v1.0 that I downloaded from here yesterday. Unfortunately, I cannot get to that laptop until tonight when I return home so it’s impossible for me to see the exact text of the error message right now.

No news ?

Shaoran. Did you notice Comodo changed the file download? The latest full file is now simply called bases.cav: .

Yes i know that but as versioninfo.ini still works, it doesn’t need an update for the moment.

I prefer find a way to fix the limited account bug, it’s a more important update. But i still don’t understand the issue. I try to get some help from Comodo but no answer at the moment.

Sorry I did not get back to you sooner Shaoran. It appears that the database finally updated itself without any intervention on my part so I no longer needed to use your application.