Virus Database Update Failed...

I recently installed Comodo Antivirus Free on my laptop computer, a Toshiba Satellite A665 - S6086. When I initialized the program, I started a scan. While attempting to update the virus database, a popup came up saying that the update had failed. It told me to check my internet connectivity. My internet connection is fine, and runs very well. This problem has not occurred in the past.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated. If this problem has already been posted and repaired, could anyone please direct me to that post?

Thanks for your help.


I am getting the same exact problem. Failed to update the virus signature databse.

Problem with Comodo’s update servers perhaps.

Possibly, I have been getting these errors here and there.

Temporary Solution Follw these instructions:
(For me after doing this step, the problem was solved)

For Possible Solution:;msg461460#msg461460


Is your C:\WINDOWS\TEMP folder missing by chance? Some users have reported their Temp folder had gone missing causing the updates to fail. Recreating the folder solved the problem.

However, it could also be a server issue.

Well, when I checked my (C:) folder, the one marked computer, I did not have one marked “Temp,” but when I tried to run a scan, the software said that my database was up to date and commenced to scan. Right now, I’m assuming that, as was said, the problem was a server problem, which makes sense.

Thanks for all your help guys.