Virus Database Update Cycle?


Sorry if this has been asked before but here it goes. When does CIS (AV) update its virus definitions? I’m currently at 477 but I had to manually ask for the updates. Is there a cycle when the program checks for AV definitions? I know if you kick off a scan it checks.


477 is the latest database version. CIS checks at startup and then once every hour or so (i think). there is currently no option to set the update frequency but since COMODO is aiming at 1 hour updates, it might be set to every hour. :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply. I’m not sure why, but its not updating on its own. I had uninstalled RC2 and installed the latest version .424 but its not updating on its own. I guess this should be moved to the bug section?


My program updated to .427 automatically but the AV is at 470. I tried to manually update this but it stayed at 470. Is Vista at 470 and XP is at 477 ??


Just don’t manually update when you don’t need to. :slight_smile: It will update it self… the updates are big and thats a good thing.

FYI… CIS updates daily, and checks for updates before you scan. COMODO are aiming for updates every 3 hours soon.