Virus database question?

Does the virus database update automatically or do we have to manually click on update virus database every time to get the virus database updates in the new final version of CIS? And how often are there updates? Is there a section that gives us info on more virus database updates?



They will be updated automaticly, Currentlly I tihnk theres about 4 updates per day? thats a guess. It really is random and depends on the importance of the signatures and the amount of them\size… Comodo Is going to aim for an update every hour :slight_smile: Maybe in the future there will be more info on these updates as alot of users are wanting this. I can tlel you that about 2 weeks ago - Melih said they have 400 000+ UNIQUE signatures (not including varients) and this is rising every day.

Auto updates come daily… Nah not 4 hours. No you won’t have to click on it manually. :wink: You will receive a little message in the corner stating your database has been updated, it does it quietly and in the background.

It will take a while to get hourly update since the back-end infrastructure is in progress.


hmm, and there’s this automatically update virus database before scanning on CAV scanner (realtime setting/ondemand setting/schedule scan setting).maybe that’s the auto update function ???

hey, what if i want to disable the 4 hours automatic update ???

on CIS miscellanous/about , there’s virus signature database version number.
but i don’t see any update info (like SAS update) 88)
oh, and i wish they can give use the signature list like CAVS 2 BETA. :-La

Auto virus auto seems to work well but i still do not get balloon messages.
My settings are to display messages


Any web site I can go to to see the latest update info?

No, not currently for signature updates sorry :frowning:

err still no virus sigs update yet ??? i still have version 457 88)
and it still flags b2e.exe as trojan :stuck_out_tongue:

same here. i thought it was just me for a second

The guys are flat out!! (From Melih).

And the AV Labs have under 2 Million files that were sent to them… And huge amounts of malware for each update gets added. So it’s a good thing. :-TU


Quote from Melih

Today or tomorrow then we can get new updates


Are we about ready for a database update? I’ve been at 457 for over a day now. ???

Actually it has been almost 3 days and read my last post. Comodo is updating server infrastructure for AV updating, new systems are being put in… one or two more days.


462 is out. Big DL may I add. :wink:


#462 Virus Signatures updated automatically in system startup. Maybe COMODO releases the new AV updating infrastructure.

Curious to know about size of signature file and the hability to update CAVS engine in common AV update task.

lots of new baddies in that :slight_smile:


why does my about still show virus database 455… I do not seem to be getting updates

Did you update from RC 2- CIS ? I did that, And I did not recieve any signature updates.
Just uninstall CIS and reinstall using the setup foud on the main page.
Sorry about the trouble…

 I'm still at database version 457, auto updates aren't working for me now.  When CIS came out I uninstalled RC2 and did a fresh install of CIS final.  Tried the manual updates from the main gui and the antivirus gui, no luck.  Any other solutions?


NEW Config

OLD Config

  1. Close → (CFP GUI)

  2. Open → (regedit)

  3. Go to the key

X = Custom config number

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations\X\AV\Settings
  1. Change → (UpdatePath)


  1. Start → (CIS GUI)