Virus database - How current and complete?


COMODO seems to be cutting edge in many respects. To increase the level of comfort of its user base, it would be good to know – in relative terms – the size of COMODO’s virus database and how it keeps it current. I also use AVAST and note that it is updated CONSTANTLY…which is reassuring.

I have mentioned this before and hope that it exists: Is there a consortium of anti-virus providers who share their virus database? I assume so … and hope so.
Just curious…


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Far as i know companies aren’t sharing the full database with “each others”, however, they used to inform each others about great threats (in any way…). Most of the files the AV authors are getting are from users (submitted samples). Now i don’t know the answers for your other questions - not testing CAVS at the moment - but there must be a number somewhere.


It’d be nice to think that there’d be a lot of cooperation between all the AV vendors in the interest of the internet public,however I doubt this is the case due to commercial interests.In a way it’s understandable since a ‘paid for’ AV wouldn’t wish to assist a free AV to their own detriment.


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