Virus database - full download twice!

Or perhaps thrice!
Installed just CAV of the new Beta, so that was a 220MB d/l; update last night was 161MB d/l which took about 10 min; this morning it is doing another 161MB, on the same speed of connection, which so far has taken 45 min. for 150MB - only 11MB to go.
Is this going to happen with every update? Incremental (not mental!) would be far better.

there must be something wrong with your install. i havent experienced this problem with the beta. try doing a clean install

…and download the whole database again… :P0l

It was totally clean - no Comodo on the PC for months and no Comodo etc. in the Registry - and I’m not going through that ludicrous d/l again.
If there’s something wrong with the process of installation, CAV didn’t complain or show any glitches at all.

Please do try another full reinstall by following the methods advised in that post. This will let us rule out many options.

Then, if even after doing that the problem continues, please file a bug report for this. Downloading AV databases multiple times has been a bug which has so far not been able to nail down enough to get a good bug report in. If you can replicate this, even after a full reinstall, then there is finally enough for a bug report.

I would really appreciate it if you could check this for us.

Thank you.

I will do as you request if it happens again, but AV and FW take a lot of clearing out to do it properly, so it’s a last resort.

I understand that. However, the main reason for releasing a Beta is so that users can mess with it and find any remaining bugs. Then, in order for these bugs to be fixed they must be reported. Thus, as you do not want the AV to download multiple updates for the final version, it is in your best interest to check this when you get a chance, and create the report if it continues to happen. Also, remember that you are likely not the only one experiencing the problem. Thus, reporting it and having it fixed will help many others as well.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


do you have EMET installed?

Thank you. It hasn’t repeated the d/l in the last 3 times I’ve switched on, so looks like a one-off glitch.
Does take about 200MB more RAM than Avast, though.