Virus checking with firefox

Does the virus checking that firefox seems to do when you download a file work with C.I.S.?

Yes it does. You can test it here by downloading the Eicar test files. You will be alerted immediately with the .com and .txt files. The zipped files aren’t checked with the RealTime scanner, but if you try to unzip them, they are also caught immediately.

No I am not asking if the AV works I am asking if it works with the firefox scanning for viruses check that firefox seems to do everytime it downloads a file. Sorry if you have aswered my question already.

Yes. That’s what I was saying. Firefox uses what ever your default system antivirus program you have installed. In this case it’s Comodo. When Firefox (using Comodo) detects a virus, an alert is prompted. Try downloading the sample files from the link above. When Firefox scans the file with Comodo, you will get an alert!

Ok nice one just wanted to make sure we are on the same page. :SMLR I know it works with Avast and wanted to know if C.I.S worked in the same way.

No problem. Firefox doesn’t have its own scanner, it just uses the one you have installed. If you didn’t have one installed, you wouldn’t see it scan when downloading a file.