virus causes restarting windows?

i have such problem
i plug an memory stick in my computer and soon after that there was BSOD (i cant remember details ) .
after restart after BSOD windows boots i logon and randomly soon after that windows reboots without notice.

So i can not use my windows now. Comodo CIS after first restart crashed with an window for crash report and then CIS did not cached any viruses.

Recently i have exactly the same situation with another computer: memory stick , DSOD and then continuous random restarting. Windows xp repair with install cd did not worked - computer was keeping restarting even during repair. Only restoring from backup somehow worked.
But this time i have no backup.

So i suppose this is virus which spreads not over network but over memory sticks and making windows useless.

Can someone help me identifying the virus and removing it and repair damages done by it? unfortunately windows is not in working condition enough time to download comodo anti virus updates or install off line definitions.

please Help.

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i forgot to mention
this problem happened to windows xp sp3 and to windows server 2003 sp1 or sp2


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Have you tried turning off autoplay?

Read this Microsoft article on how to disable all autoruns.

I would suggest to use a live CD from a reputable AV scanner maker to try go get rid off the virus. Like from Kaspersky, Dr Web, Avira, Avira or Emsisoft Emergency Kit or others I am forgetting…


i used kaspersky and it worked
it found several viruses. most of them in comodo quarantine , deleted them and for now the computer works normal


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Glad you solved the problem.

The viruses in the CIS quarantine were not doing harm of course but the others did…

thanks again

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To make sure that your computer is truly malware free you can follow the advice I give in How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected.

Please let me know if you have any questions.