Virus causes $500,000 IT Damage.. Not good at all..

A town hall employee who plugged an infected memory stick into a work computer crippled the IT system and left the council with a £501,000 bill.

Proves the inefficiency of AV alone. Time for Default Denny protection for everyone and anyone…


Default Denny? New Comodo superhero, maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, that’s a looooooad of money lost :o

I didn’t see any where in that article about that they use an AV alone? I find that hard to believe…

Me too.I don’t believe it at all.

The confirmed infection was apparently Conficker D (source: Inside Housing) dated May 14th this year (source: Ealing Gazette) whereas Conficker D signatures should have been available around March.

Though conficker also got the ability to terminate AVs, exploit weak password or Windows service vulnerabilities (in case the OS wasn’t updated) to propagate in the LAN network, tamper the DNS lookup and automatically upgrade an early revision to a more recent one, maybe they didn’t have an AV at all or they simply skipped the signatures updates at least on the 0-day infected PC ???

If a system is infected before an appropriate signature is deployed Conficker, since its first A revision, had the ability to persist in the network/LAN by disabling the AV and/or its updates, propagate by probing for weaknesses and successfully infect by autoupdating itself until it spreads a new version before the other machines get an updated signature.