Virus Bulletin last comparative of antivirus

avast did a good job on reactive. Still behind Avira on proactive.
AVG is behind both.
What I can’t understand is why Avira free is always better than Avira Pro ???
Comodo AV is in a very uncomfortable situation.
Is there others free there?

Virus Bulletin:

Strange… So many users read this but not a comment at all… Is it so uninteresting? ???

I am quite wondering why Avira free is better than bitdefender and F-secure…Avira free’s functionality is very limited unlike Avast free

Avira Free is and always has been a Top Class Detection Product. (The rest of the product is not much intuitive, note that it has more False Positives too…)

I am sorry to see Comodo lagging behind by a lot.

By the way, don’t forget Avira free is now an adware…

I’m not too worried about reactive but proactive, just over 50% (surely that can’t be right ??? ). Was this tested against CAV or CIS? I was expecting to see CAV/CIS into the margin area.


Surely it was tested CAV (not CIS).

Look, guys - there we have both: CAV - 61% and CIS - 74%.

Thanks for the correction Solarlynx.
I’ve missed that.

How could it be? CIS getting just 74% with D+ enabled?

What does VB 100 test ? Does it only test malware detection ? or Cleaning ?

Hi SivaSuresh. Testing procedures explained here.
Detection tested and FPs come into the result also.

Do they use always the same methodology? I cannot find a specific one for this test.
Thanks captainsticks.

Me too :(. I must need my eyes tested as it says “Comodo AV”. 88)


Sorry, but that’s a RAP test we a speaking above and the testing procedures are here. :wink: