Virus Alert by Comodo

I am trying to reinstall Nero 8. When I do, the Virus Alert pops up from Comodo. It tells me that a file in two locations in the Nero 8 install program are viruses. The file is:


Is this a false positive or is this really a virus stuck in a viable program? I tried installing Nero 8 by first quarantining the file in both places. Nero would not install.

Has anyone else had this problem installing Nero 8??


jup, it’s a false positive

I think this is a false positive, because that seems like it is the Ask Toolbar (some programs think it is spyware).

I believe all previous alerts against the Ask Toolbar (that Comodo use) have been either false positives or warnings…


ApplicUnWnt = Application UnWanted

The UnWanted bit is because some applications have previously been know to install this toolbar silently without the users permission or consent (I believe they make money from each install). So, it’s a “warning” rather than a positive detection of anything bad. I guess Nero might fall into this category… but, despite its previous actions, I did think that Nero asked about Ask, and other such things, these days.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your replies.


Some more in depth info about toolbars in general:

This FP detection has been removed.
You can check the file for detection.

Thanks for your Support, Your efforts are appreciated.

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