Virtualization for XP Home SP2 ???

I just wanted to ask whether anyone knew a FREE virtualization software for XP Home. As I understand it, MS Virtual PC is for Professional only (2007 and 2004)… or did I not understand?
VMWare only has the Player, so no chance to include Comodo products as I cannot create virtual machines myself. How good is Virtualbox?
Thanks in advance…


I’ve seen it recommended by Pandlouk in his sig. Don’t ask me because I’ve never used such programs.

VMWare server might be what you’re looking for. It’s free, can handle multiple VM’s, and you can get it from here
You need to register though, you can use a throw-away email for that if it bothers you.

And it does run on XP home. And you can install whatever OS you want into it = comodo stuff

Hi Grampa,

MS Virtual PC for one does not list XP Home as “officially” supported, but it does work in XP Home for me and for anyone I’ve heard of. :slight_smile: I can almost assure that it would work for you too.

But as far as i remember, MS Virtual PC is only free for students.

No, even if there are restrictions, still the only thing you need is your Windows licence validated, but I’m not sure if that’s the current policy. Otherwise it’s free for everybody:

I use it to run Win98. Just make sure you download the correct version for your OS architecture (32 or 64 bits), and change the language if you want it in other than English.

best solution: “Virtual Box” found here:

otherwise there’s the VMware Server, free but resource intensive. Third solution is VM player and find software to build the VM, and there are free software that do that. I’ve used one of them that worked perfectly well with the player, but I forgot the name and link :SMLR If you’re really interested I can try to find it again but honestly, Virtual Box is cool (and free).

adding: be careful, CFP is not really compatible with Virtual Machines (I tried once and broke the VM :SMLR)

link for building VM for VMPlayer (read carefully if you want to succeed):

Hey everyone,
thanks for all the input. That sure helped a lot.
[ at ]Leopard19: Hey, I’m currently testing Virtual Box - just for the fun of it. So far I have problems getting my ATI Mobility Radeon X700 to work as well as the internet. However, it’s good fun (though I’m still short of time :frowning: ) I’ll keep trying (though with only 512 MB Ram my system is quite slowed down)
EDIT: I’m trying Kubuntu 7.10, Mandriva 2008, Ubuntu 7.10 and Vixta (not all at the same time, obviously :wink: