VirtualDesktop unable to start when notebook on AC

1. The full product and its version:
CIS 7.0.313494.4115

2. Your Operating System (32 or 64 bit) and ServicePack revision. and if using a virtual machine, which one:
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit - fully actualized

3. List all the configuration changes you did. Are you using Default configuration? If no, whats the difference?:
Clean installation of CIS. After previous uninstallation of RC version according to guide on this forum for uninstallation.

4. Did you install over a previous version without uninstalling first, or import a previous configuration file?:

5. Other Security, Sandboxing or Utility Software Installed:

6. Step by step description to reproduce the issue. Or if you cannot reproduce it, what you actually did before it happened, step by step:
1: installing CIS with initial scan and restart
2: trying to launch VirtualDesktop on AC - there is only logo of VD with circle - sometimes, it stays there for a very long time (till killing it) or it opens Libraries folder in Windows Explorer, ocasssionaly it launches but immediately switches off and opens the Libraries folder in Windows Explorer
3: with disconected AC (notebook running on batteries) - VD runs normally, even when AC is plugged again. After closing VD and trying to run it on AC - point 2 is repeating
4: resetting the sandbox doesnt help

7. What actually happened when you carried out these steps:

8. What you expected to see or happen when you carried out these steps, and why (if not obvious):

I’m sorry, but as CIS version 7.0.313494.4115 is no longer in Beta bug reports can no longer be processed through this section of the forum.

Please create a new bug report for this issue in this section of the forum. The required format is provided in this post. Just copy and paste the code. Then replace the question marks with your responses.

I’m sorry, but as the most recent release is no longer in Beta the Beta bug reporting format can no longer be used. I will therefore move this report to Resolved.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you.