Virtualbox XP fail to load completely

I’ve lost a virtual harddisk of Virtualbox with XP SP3.
Maybe the host process was closed unadvertised.
The problem is that I can’t do nothing more with that installation. Lost completely.
Hope this does not occur in the real computer :-\

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With VirtualBox I had to reformat the C: disk twice :cry:
The “true” and “real” hard disk (I mean the host… not the virtual one) at a certain point took ages to make anything and read data at 100 kB/s or so

Hi Tech:
In fact, we have not been tested CTM on VirtualBox, so we are not sure CTM is compatible with it.

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Well, it installs and run correctly for quite some time, then this problem appeared.
I think Virtualbox is a good alternative to the bloatware VMWare and the limited features of Microsoft virtualization tool. Ok, it has problems, but Sun is releasing updates and trying to correct any problems of it.

Not good to hear. I also use Virtual Box with Windows XP and CTM 2.8.

So far I have no problems, although I have taken the virtual PC for testing purposes also have a number of ways to crash. Even converting the virtual disk to format vdhi and work at vmwareplayer went without problems.

Perhaps CTM works unstable after Fitted time when one has made a lot of snapshots and restores? Or if the space is low? I do not know, have experienced at least so far no crashes.



4ever, what I think it happened, was as forced boot (maybe the host service was closed). The image was in an USB drive.
The weirdest thing is the “creating new baseline”… I thought this was only on-demand action (started by the user).

I had allways big Problems with vhd.Images (or other´s) on a USB Device. With or without CTM. I think the speed is to low, or the datastream is not stable.



I’ve changed one of the virtual machines to my hdd.