VirtualBox issue: "Defense+ has limited functionality..."

When Guest OS in VirtualBox is loaded following information on summary screen is displayed.
So far i can tell defense+ works properly, allowing actions which are allowed, and blocking actions which are blocked.

So what exactly is meant by “limited functionality” and what are “restrictions of virtual environment”?
How accurate are test results if we test CFP in this state?

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I want to raise this question once more, because if we test against malware in such environment what is meant by “virtual environment restrictions apply”?

you might find this interesting …

apparently SUPERAntiSpyware had recieved a bad review and the creator criticized the reviewer, partly because he had tested SAS on a “virtual computer”. This is the SAS creator’s detailed response, he offers some information about “virtual computers” and why it is not adequate for anti-malware testing.

Interesting indeed!
Thanks for posting.


LirvA, thanks for the link.

you’re welcome.

I’m still asking to make clear what does “limited functionality” mean? And what are “restrictions” of “virtual environment”?

I don’t see this is documented anywhere. So what are security capabilities of CFP if we deploy it in VMs? What is a difference against installing on normal computers?

I apologize as I do not know very much about the topic in discussion. I was only providing a link with the possibility of it being helpful.

I hope you find the information you’re looking for, sorry I can’t help more.

No need to apologize as info by that link was interesting to read indeed, thanks for it.
I guess only someone from developers or support staff will provide some information as it is not documented anywhere… at least i didn’t find anything related… yet.

As there has been no response from the developers yet I support this request. I also had this problem when running CPF in a Virtualbox VM on a Ubuntu host. After some days I deinstalled CFP again as I was irritated by this warning. I haven’t tested the latest version .368 in that VM, though.

It’s just that red line on the bottom, not that irritating :slight_smile:

I would like an answer too, but i assume it’s just a “test whatever you want, but we don’t garantee CFP runs ok in a VM” thing.

Now that you mention it I remember that I also got a popup window after some seconds saying that an error occurred and asking me if I wanted to send the message to Comodo (which I did a couple of times).

I would like an answer too, but i assume it's just a "test whatever you want, but we don't garantee CFP runs ok in a VM" thing.

Perhaps, but an official confirmation would be nice. Besides, the popup is irritating in any case.

I can only agree.

It seems that issue is not related to specific VB host OS (both linux and windows hosts affected).

Same with me. Sent couple of dumps about every version in which i found this behavior.

Btw, i dropped VirtualBox about another issue, switched to Virtual PC 2007 and CF works without such crashes inside it.

an official confirmation would be nice
Some poll will be set up to help us.

Well, I’m happy with Virtualbox. Besides, VirtualPC doesn’t work on a Linux host :wink:

and CF works without such crashes inside it.

Oh, I had no crashes - just that popup and the red warning message in CPF.

Some poll will be set up to help us.

Thanks - I already submitted my vote.