Virtual safe browser

I think it is right time, comodo should thing to develop safe browser like avast or Panda by polishing dragon.

What do you think guys!

Hi saipass ,

Do you really think that those are “safe”?
You gotta be kidding, aren’t you ? :slight_smile:

Please, be more specific about particular safety features you wanna have in Dragon in order to “polish it” compare to other browsers

The only hope is - you are not using MS IE :smiley: - that is your safety in the 1st place. Ha!

Other than that - use Firefox and its Add-Ons… at the moment

My regards

What do you mean with safe browser? A shield to monitor the internet traffic of a browser?

I didn’t know that Avast had a browser, but the Panda browser is a virtualized Firefox. You can run Firefox in the manual sandbox of CIS and it will be virtualized.

Or run Dragon in the sandbox for that matter. Since Dragon has the built in limited access rights sandbox of the Chromium variants, combine that with the CIS manual sandbox and you ought to be fairly safe. You’re not only lowering the access rights of anything running in the browser, but you’re also virtualizing those lowered rights applications. :wink:

It’s called SafeZone.

The avast! SafeZone is an additional security feature in avast! Pro Antivirus and avast! Internet Security, which allows you to browse the web in a private, secure environment, invisible to the rest of your system. For example, if you do your banking or shopping online, or other security-sensitive transactions, you can be sure that your personal data cannot be monitored by spyware or key-logging software. Unlike the avast! Sandbox, which is intended to keep everything contained inside so that it cannot harm the rest of your system, the avast! SafeZone is designed to keep everything else out.
Source: avast help files.