Virtual mode

I have CIS 7.0.317799.4142 installed and use Dragon Version as my default browser.

Oddly, where I used to be able to use Virtual Mode in the past, I can no longer do so…

Nor can I find how to operate the Virtual desktop.

None of the help articles seem to help and the menu items simply shut down Dragon.

Has anybody had similar problems, and if so, how did you fix them??

Hi Topcat2456,
I presume you are saying the ‘Switch to virtual mode’ within Dragon’s menu is failing.
Try resetting the sandbox, please note any data that is stored only in the sandbox will be deleted.
Reset the Sandbox

For running the system in a virtualised environment, please see the link below.
Starting The Virtual Desktop

Kind regards.

Hi Cap’n
I have tried your suggestions several times and between them I have run various cleanups and even uninstalled/reinstalled CD
Nothing seems to work so there is obviously a setting somewhere on my computer that, when changed, has denied me access to virtual mode.
Any further ideas?? I seldom feel the need to use VM but I have the feeling that it should be there ready and waiting whenever I feel threatened.