Virtual Mode

Sadly, Virtual Mode in CID confounds me. I have CIS Pro 2012 installed, which I think is one of the requirements for running VM, however, whenever I attempt to run VM in CID, I get a “No instances found” error message. Please clarify and advise. And I hope the instructions for properly running VM are NOT complex. Also it would be nice to have a means of installing & removing VM just like removing any other CID extension. Thanks for your help.



To use it you have to have version 6.0 installed.

Im’m sorry but I’m missing something. Version 6.0 of what?

Sorry, you need to have version 6.0 of CIS installed. Virtual Mode of CID requires the newest version of CIS to be installed. Sadly, this has not yet been pushed out as an automatic update.

Thus, you can either uninstall the version you have and install the newest version or you can just wait until the automatic update is available and just not use Virtual Mode in CID.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Just to add, CIS Version 6 equals Version 2013.

Thank you for the clarifications.