virtual mode no longer working

this is an icedragon question, but that forum is dead, so posting here. I remember a while back, i checked my ipaddress in virtual mode, and it was different from my real ip. Today i checked my ip, and it’s the same…what’s wrong?

Hi princetongrad24,
I have moved this to CID help as the Forum is definitely alive.
Regarding your IP, I am not sure how this can vary from Virtual to Non-Virtual.
DNS settings can change depending on whether or not you have selected ‘Malware Domain Filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)’ while in Virtual mode.

Kind regards.

the whole point of virtual mode is to run on a machine separated from your computer. if it is showing my computer’s normal ip, how is that normal?

No, the whole point of virtual mode is to keep your virtual processes separate from your operating system’s normal file system, thereby insulating your system from malicious software.

It is not a proxy. Masking your IP address was never the intention.