virtual memory too low - plzz help

today the system is starting tooooooooo slow and finally a window appears about virtual memory. attached is the screenshot. plzz help its really frustrating. what should i do to solve this prob??


[attachment deleted by admin]

space available is 21133 mb
initial size 756 mb
max size 1512 mb

how much should i increase?? plzz give figure for initial and max size.


Which process uses a lot of memory?

every processes are fine. highest is cmdagent.exe 61012 k. others are below 20000 k

Maybe same problem as JJasper and I had. I saw that on another computer too.

oh my god!!! cant believe this. after 8 hours of troubleshooting, finally thought of uninstalling the latest comodo system cleaner version 2 which i had installed yesterday and restarted the computer and was shocked to see everythings back to normal. completely switched of the system and started again and everythings fine. so the culprit was CSC 2. didn’t thought of CSC coz i thought its an ondemand thing and cannot cause such prob. bit i was wrong the main culprit was our own CSC 2.

THANXX JOWA, i browsed the link you mentioned and read there about CSC so uninstalled it and everythings back to normal. thanxx a lot. thanxx frds for helping me out.



Maybe it is the driver (cfrpd.sys, COMODO Safe Delete Filter) that causes the problem. :-\